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The Safety4bodyshops H & S App has been used to great success by many bodyshops for the last 7 years. Whether you are a Bodyshop owner/manager who wants to manage your company's health & safety issues or a Consultant wishing to use the system to manage your clients bodyshops, Safety4bodyshops.com will make H & S management an 'easy' task.

MyElephantmail 'Reminder system' is popular with PAS 125 registered Bodyshops. BSI Auditors like to seeing Equipment maintenance logs & Employee Qualifications etc all in one place & 'up to date'.  You can use Elephant mail for many different tasks such as H & S or EPA issues or just simple reminders.  



"Mark Baldwin of East Bilney Cwks Group says"

"We have used Safety4bodyshops for the last 5 years, It is simple to use and covers all the bases we need to help us to be compliant with Health & safety law and Council EPA inspections etc. It also provides a uniform system of H & S management across all of our Bodyshops. Whenever we have work-provider audits, we just sit down with the auditor and show them all the policies & risk assessments etc online - a really great system"

"We also use MyElephantmail.com to store all the information about all of our equipment maintenance, staff training & qualifications etc. We get automatic email reminders when something is due such as equipment calibrations or testing or that an employees qualification needs renewing etc

"Using Safety4bodyshops & Elephantmail is like a 'one stop shop' that enables us to 'measure and manage' our compliance issues. We are always up to date with the latest health & safety legislation and requirements - It give us 'peace of mind". ~ Mark Baldwin - East Bilney Coachworks Group
"The Safety4bodyshops site is of great benifit to our Company. It is simple to use & navigation around the site is so easy. There are lots of useful features to use which assists in the effective management of health & safety in our busy bodyshop" ~ Roland Davis of Alton Cars