COVID-19 Exposure Assessment now available in S4B App - (in Risk Area)

From the Dashboard, click on 'Risk Area' tab - you will see the Exposure Assessment and various Covid documents & signs in the 'Blue Information box' - The assessment is in MS Word format

COVID-19 Exposure Assessment now available in S4B App - (in Risk Area) COVID-19 Exposure Assessment now available in S4B App - (in Risk Area)

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The government has warned that up to a fifth of the workforce may be off sick during the peak of a coronavirus epidemic in the UK. Plans to contain Coronavirus if it spreads have been set out by the UK Government

See latest Government advice for Employers....

Safety4bodyshops has been used to great success by many bodyshops for the last 11 years. Whether you are a Bodyshop owner/manager who wants to manage your company's health & safety issues or a Consultant wishing to use the system to manage your clients bodyshops, will make H & S management an 'easy' task.

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I have found the very useful indeed. There is stuff on there that I didn`t know existed and I shouldn`t think everyone else knows everything on there. The fact that it is all up to date is satisfying. We had what looked like & behaved like the Chief Inspector of all Environmental Officers out a couple of weeks ago, we got all the ticks in the right boxes, so thank you for keeping us up-to-date. ~ Jane Taylor - Atherstone Accident Repair Centre
"The Safety4bodyshops site is of great benifit to our Company. It is simple to use & navigation around the site is so easy. There are lots of useful features to use which assists in the effective management of health & safety in our busy bodyshop" ~ Roland Davis of Alton Cars
"I find the Safety4bodyshops system so easy to use. I did'nt know much about health & safety in a Bodyshop but safety4bodyshops has made it so easy. The Risk Assessments are simple & the email reminders make sure we are right up to date with everything and so don't have to worry about any suprise visits from the HSE or EPA. We even get professional advice anytime we need it. I recommend to any Bodyshop owner who wants to manage their Health & safety but does not want to pay out for expensive consultants. ~ Julia Lane of B & K Accident Repair Centre Ltd - Coventry