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Isocyanate training every 5 years now mandatory under REACH Regs:

(Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals)

Under both EU and UK REACH regulations, REACH Restriction 2020/1149/EU, the continued use of coatings containing Diisocyanates, requires all personnel handling these products to complete a training course. Beginning on August 24, 2023, any user of diisocyanate with a concentration over 0.1 percent - either the staff of the user or self-employed people - must complete and document the completion of the training. If an employee does not comply with this obligatory training, they will no longer be allowed to work with diisocyanates.

What does this mean? 

All employees that either use or handle any products that contain 0.1% of di-isocyanate must now complete an online di-isocyanate training course, the certificate to show that they have completed the course must be kept on file. The training must be carried out every 5 years. 

Which products contain di-isocyanates?

  • 2K primers, fillers, lacquers etc when mixed with the isocyanate hardener
  • PU sealers
  • Some adhesives
  • Foam insulation

(Check the product Safety Data Sheet)

Which employees require the training?

  • Paint staff - inc: painters, paint-mixing staff & preppers
  • MET staff
  • Panel staff

Who supplies the online training course?

The online training course has been designed and put together by several european agencies - Access to the course should be communicated throughout the product supply chain and it’s the responsibility of the suppliers selling the substances and mixtures on the market to ensure that training courses are available to the end-users of such substances or mixtures.

It is the obligation of the employer (in this case the Bodyshop) that their employees are being trained.

How can you access the online training course?

Your product suppliers should provide you with information regarding the mandatory di-isocyanate training and how to access it however, we have provided a link to the online training below.



The government has warned that up to a fifth of the workforce may be off sick during the peak of a coronavirus epidemic in the UK. Plans to contain Coronavirus if it spreads have been set out by the UK Government

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I have found the very useful indeed. There is stuff on there that I didn`t know existed and I shouldn`t think everyone else knows everything on there. The fact that it is all up to date is satisfying. We had what looked like & behaved like the Chief Inspector of all Environmental Officers out a couple of weeks ago, we got all the ticks in the right boxes, so thank you for keeping us up-to-date. ~ Jane Taylor - Atherstone Accident Repair Centre
"The Safety4bodyshops site is of great benifit to our Company. It is simple to use & navigation around the site is so easy. There are lots of useful features to use which assists in the effective management of health & safety in our busy bodyshop" ~ Roland Davis of Alton Cars
I have to say that Safety4Bodyshops is the best H & S system I have come across for years and well under publicised ~ Stuart Cameron of Fix Auto Penzance