Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

Use of Cookies:

Safety4 Ltd uses a variety of cookies for varying purposes. Some of these are essential to the operation of the website; others enable some extra functionality, such as accessibility options.

Safety4 Ltd does not use any third-­‐party or tracking cookies.

A brief outline of the cookies we set on both the main website and the client-­application areas follows, along with an overview of how you can disable cookies completely in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. For other browsers, please see their respective support pages on how to disable cookies.


The Safety4 Ltd public-­‐facing website uses either one or two cookies (dependent on the user’s viewing preferences). The details of these cookies are outlined below:

  • [random string of numbers and lowercase letters] -­‐ creates a session cookie upon each visit to the site. This session cookie is used purely to remember when a user has logged in to the website. Therefore, this session cookie is only of relevance to users with administrative access to the website. This should not be confused with the application’s session cookie (outlined below), which is of relevance to any visitors with login details to that portion of the Safety4Bodyshops website. Duration: Session

  • tr-­‐fontstyle -­‐ The controls in the upper-­‐right corner of the site for increasing or decreasing the text size on the website set a cookie accordingly. These are set for one year, and retain the user’s font size preferences on subsequent visits to the website for the duration of their lifetime. If the user selects another text size, the previously-­‐set cookie is removed and a new one set (with a refreshed year-­‐long lifetime) to reflect the updated preferences. This cookie is not set at all unless the user makes use of the text size controls. Duration: One Year

    The application area of the website sets and makes use of two additional cookies, the details of which are outlined below:

  • npf-­‐session-­‐id – This session cookie is set when a user visits the application site, and is used to track whether or not they have logged into the system when serving pages. Once the user has logged in, it is used to maintain the logged-­‐in state for the duration of their visit to the (application)
    site. Duration: Session

  • Are Cookies Enabled – This is a ‘test’ cookie, which is used as a quick check to see if a user has cookies enabled at all – they may be disabled via an individual’s browser settings (outlined below), or by network security policy. If cookies are disabled, rather than a login page, the user is presented with a warning page outlining this and any other issues that may prevent full functionality of the application being available. Duration: One Day