Main Features

H & S Policy & Company Policy's

Your H & S Policy is created by the S4B system when you complete the Set-up Wizard when you first register to use Safety4bodyshops. The policy contains information about the responsibilities of management & employees and the arrangements for putting the policy in to place in your workplace. It can be updated & reviewed in minutes.

Upload your Company Logo
You can now upload your Company logo that will be displayed on the H & S Policy front cover & Policy Statement. it will also be displayed on the Policy information for Employees document & your Enviromental Policy.

Signing the H & S Policy
The Policy can now be 'signed' by the most senior person in the company i.e.; MD or Owner etc with the signature being displayed on the H & S Policy Statement.

Other Policies created by the system include;

  • Data Privacy Policy GDPR
  • Anti-Bribery & Corruption Policy
  • Information Security & Data Loss Policy
  • Modern Day Slavery Act 2015
  • Fire Safety Policy
  • Fire Action Notice
  • Complaints Policy
  • Drivers Policy
  • Recruitment Policy
  • Equality Policy
  • Quality Control Policy
  • COSHH Policy Statement 

Personnel & Training Records

Create your Employee inventory in just a few minutes + choose job titles from drop-down menus or add own job titles. Employees can be removed from the list and 'archived' and be brought back if necessary.

Training Records for each employee are automatically created, just use the drop-down menus to update the record. (fully editable)

Risk Assessments

The system currently has the following 'easy to use' interactive risk assessments;

  • General Risk Assessments - covers most activities as carried out in a bodyshop

  • COSHH Assessments - 'process-lead' assessments covering 99% of substances used

  • Fire-risk Assessments - everything from ignition sources to fire-safety management

  • Workplace Transport Assessments -  covering most aspects of on-site transport

  • Smart Repair Assessments - a mixture of general risks, COSHH & transport etc

  • Service & MOT Bay Assessments - these will be available soon

        see Risk Assessments available.....

Gen Risk shot

There are also 'non-interactive' risk assessments for HAV's - Display Screens + a generic Noise assessment + loads of useful easy to understand info & check lists for most topics.

Bespoke Risk Assessments - we are now able to upload bespoke risk assessments tailored to your needs. Please contactus for more details. 

Safe-Working Procedures (SWP's)

The law requires employers to have safe-working procedures for all activities where there may be a risk of injury or harm.          SWP Coshh5

Safety4Bodyshops has a Safe Working Procedure for every General Risk & COSHH Assessment activity.

All SWP's can be down-loaded & printed for display in relevant work areas.

Compliance Audits   

Screen Shot 2014 12 18 at 17.09.03

This function enables you to easily audit your level of compliance prior to Work-provider or insurance company audits or inspections. Compliance is measured against the known criteria required by various work providers, Insurance companies and current legislation.

You can either do a 'full audit' or just do one or several sections that cover a specific area 

All audits can be 'signed' by the person who carried it out & are saved for future reference.


BS10125 Internal Audits 

We have put together a  set of internal audits based on the BS10125 standard that makes the carrying out of internal audits a simple procedure.

H & S Action List (Things to do)

You can now create a simple 'To Do List' of actions that you need to take to help keep you compliant. The Action List in located in the Record-keeping section but can be accessed directly from the Dashboard.

Screen Shot 2017 07 31 at 20.40.00


Screen Shot 2016 08 10 at 21.19.2

'Equipment Maintenance Log'

An online equipment log that enables you to enter all relevant information about your items of equipment that needs to be either calibrated, serviced, tested or is subject to statutory examinations & inspections.

Screen Shot 2016 02 18 at 10.19.48

Screen Shot 2016 02 18 at 10.20.25

'Online Record-keeping'

“No more paper Records” Just keep your ‘signed’ records online - Record-keeping forms have been designed to meet the requirements of most bodyshops - You can create records for PPE issue, RPE checks, EPA checks, Housekeeping, Fire-safety checks etc.

Screen Shot 2014 11 21 at 12.25.15  Screen Shot 2014 11 21 at 12.24.32

Using Wi-Fi and an ipad (or similar tablet) 


You can save time by just walking around the workshop with your Wi-Fi enabled hand-held tablet.

You can use a stylus or just use your finger to click & update all records and obtain signatures from employee’s when carrying out the 6-monthly PPE checks or issuing new PPE. 

You can also use a Wi-Fi enabled tablet for all interactive Risk Assessments & Audits.

Once created, all record can be edited, signed, viewed & printed at any time. Completed records are stored on our secure server and are always available & can be retrieved from any PC. Our server is backed up so you will never lose your records. (can be used as part of your Contingency Plan in the event of fire or flood etc) 

Fire safety checks2

"The following Record-keeping sheets now available to complete & keep online"

list of available records2

Document Storage solution:

100MB of document storage space is available to registered users - this enables you to try out our document storage solution and store up to 250 documents - if you then  want to increase you space to 4GB just call us to let us know.

 Screen Shot 2018 09 22 at 15.02.2


EPA/VOC's (Environmental Protection Act)

The EPA module contains 
• Interactive VOC solvent usage records
• EPA Procedures
• EPA Record keeping forms
• EPA PG6/34b(11) Guidance notes
• Hazardous Waste Guidance Notes & forms
• EPA Policy Statement & Preventative and Maintenance schedule

‘Completing your VOC solvent usage records takes only a few minutes’ VOC

E-Learning Modules

e-learning modules now available.  There are 4 modules to choose from - all modules are tailored to job type.

  •     Paint staff - Health & Safety  
  •     Panel/MET staff - Health & Safety
  •     Admin staff - Health & Safety 
  •     EPA Awareness

Screen Shot 2014 12 18 at 16.51.28e learning Havs



Pass or Fail results given at the end of the module & then print the results to keep on file. 

Document Repository

Upload & store important documents such as employee training certificates & statutory testing certificates etc.

Recent improvements to existing features include;

EmployeesYou can now 'Archieve' employees instead of just deleting them. This means you save the information & you can bring them back in to the list of current employees.

Safe-Working Procedures We have added lots more 'SWPs" - There is now a SWP for every General Risk & COSHH Assessment. 

Risk Assessment controlsYou can now add further control measures to the General, COSHH & Transport risk assessments. (Control measures now highlited red & green)

Specific Risk Assessments - If you need a risk assessment that is not in the list of assessments already available, we will discuss the details with you & can make the assessment specifically available to your account.

Quicker printing of risk assessments - You can now select the assessments you want to print or you can select 'Print all'

H & S Signs - We have added more safety signs for you to print & use. Many of our signs are unique having been tailored for use in vehicle repair workshops.

There are many more 'minor changes' we have made that you probably will not notice other than finding the system easier to use.

Professional support is provided by Chartered Safety & Health Practitioners with over 40 years experience in the Motor Vehicle Repair Industry

‘E-mail & Telephone call-back service for all registered users’

Should you encounter any problems or need advice, just click on the Help menu to view the S4B ‘contact us form’ - insert the details of your query & click ‘send’ and you will be contacted by a Chartered Safety & Health Practitioner will provide you with professional advice on related Health & Safety or EPA practical and legal issues.

We normally respond within 24 hours & guarantee to get back to you within 2 working days.

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